June 20, 2022

How To Choose the Right HCM Solution

If you’ve ever purchased enterprise software, you’re familiar with the […]
June 17, 2022

Workday Isn’t Over-rated. You Just Might Not Need It

Everyone’s talking about Workday these days. Workday this, Workday that. […]
June 14, 2022

How one Fortune 500 healthcare provider saw 35% cost savings with migration to Amazon Web Services

This healthcase company that provides managed health care...
June 14, 2022

How one $45B government enterprise successfully scoped and completed a $50M process redesign and PeopleSoft upgrade

This government client was embarking on a major PeopleSoft...
June 14, 2022

How one public sector IT organization was able to scale and respond to business needs more effectively with Managed Services support

Large public sector sector organization was facing...
June 14, 2022

How state government utilized PeopleSoft Testing Framework to reduce testing time by 83%

A large government entity was facing significant drops...
May 31, 2022

A technological step forward can help government agencies better serve constituents and employees

Not so long after the dawn of the Internet, consumer...
April 15, 2022

PeopleSoft As A Service (PSaaS) Overview

Listen to a quick overview of the MoTown Group’s PeopleSoft […]
April 14, 2022

PeopleSoft Chat with Rob Townsend, Co-Founder of MoTown Group

Rob Townsend is the latest guest on the PeopleSoft Chat […]
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