Technology Consulting

Know the best way to change,

before you change.

ERP Advisory Services

Wanting to take the next step in the evolution of your ERP system, but aren’t sure where to start? Let WorkStream guide you from start to finish with defining your requirements, evaluating your choices in the marketplace, selecting a Software vendor and System Implementor and finally, negotiating the contracts.

  • Requirements Definition
  • RFP Development Services
  • Software Vendor Evaluations
  • System Implementor Evaluations
  • Contract Negotiations

We partner with you from the very beginning of your ERP implementation or migration to understand your business needs, identify opportunities, employ best practices, and avoid costly mistakes. With us, you will be clear on what the right solution is and how to make the necessary changes.

ERP Change Management

An ERP change management plan is an absolute requirement to ensure ERP expectations are met. Our ERP Change Management processes include:

ERP Change Management engages employees quicker and guarantees adoption of the new ERP’s features for higher productivity and performance.

Strategic Staffing.

The right resource, right when you need it.

Our customers have access to our team of functional experts, project managers, technical consultants, and system administrators on-demand to meet their specific needs.

Build a cross-functional team with experts in manufacturing, finance, or HR to define the needs of the department, future-proof the implementation, and train end-users. A strong cross-functional team ensures a cohesive ERP implementation that meets the needs of each department, employees, and the business.